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PolyTech Garden Doors

Models Available: Single Door, Double Door & Custom Sizes are also available.

Every time you open or close your Polytech door, the superior quality of our craftsmanship is unmistakable. The solidity is palpable as you secure it, engaging the multi-lock system at the top, bottom, and sides to shield against the elements. With a generous six-foot standard width and no center post, navigating furniture in or out becomes effortlessly simple.

PolyTech Garden Doors can give you Complete Peace of Mind

Double Door with Astrical (centre post)

Standard Size 72″ x 80″

  • Lock & key doors available, providing access through from the outside
  • Dark exterior, white interior
  • Custom sizes available

Double Door without Astrical: (No Centre Post)

Standard Size 72″ x 80″

  • Lock & key doors available, providing access through from the outside
  • Dark exterior, white interior
  • Custom sizes available

Polytech Single Door (no screen)

Single Doors All Custom Made

  • Lock & key doors available, providing access through from the outside
  • Dark exterior, white interior

European Style Patio Doors

Polytech’s Tilt & Turn Inswing Garden door and Tilt and Slide Patio Door employ the same German-engineered technology as our windows. These doors are crafted with the same quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring solid door sashes. Our unique multi-point locking system on top, bottom, and both sides provides maximum protection against external elements, guaranteeing security and durability.

Polytech Door Styles - Not all doors are created equal...

Triple Doors with Post

Craft Your Unique Garden Doors: Explore Our Custom Triple and Quad Door Designs

Our custom-designed triple and quad doors provide limitless possibilities for your project. Whether you envision transomssidelites, or a full walkthrough, our adaptable doors cater to your specific needs. From operable sections to fixed elements, we’ll help you create garden doors that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

Tilt and Slide Patio Doors

(Not available in Lock & Key door)

Min width 70″ wide (2 sections)
Available in double/triple/quad design
(max overall width 144″ wide triple/quad design)

Track on Tilt/Slide door

Below frame 3/8″
Allow for 1″ bump up in rough open for finished floor.


– Solid vinyl frame and sash
– Steel reinforced frame and sash (as required)
– Multi-point locking hardware
– Extremely weather tight
– Large glass area
– Low E argon tempered glass
– European engineered hardware


– 1/2″ and 3/4″ return
– Exterior lock and key
– Sliding screen
– Interior grillwork
– 1″ and 1/2″ brick molds (complete with J channel)
– Custom sizes available
– Without center post
– Transoms
– Side lights

Our products achieve the highest CSA ratings with A3 air tightness, B7 water tightness, and C5 wind load, ensuring unparalleled performance in sealing, durability, and resistance against the elements.

Commercial Applications


The Tilt-and-Turn hardware used by PolyTech is ideal for the commercial application. Its heavy-duty construction, unique multi-locking hardware and steel reinforcing all add up to a long-lasting, worry-free window. Clients will love this window for its smooth operation and Tilt-and-Turn action handle. Without lifting or cranking out sashes, they will find our Tilt action more comfortable to operate. Our optional custodial lock limits the window to tilt only, except by authorized personnel, and adds a safety feature to our windows in commercial application, such as hospitals, schools, or hotels.

The Turn position of our hardware allows the exterior glass to be easily cleaned from the interior of the room; no climbing on ladders or staging is needed.


Architects and Contractors increasingly rely on our window and door experts for advice on budget, structural integrity and accuracy. When you do business with PolyTech, you can be sure that your order will be done right, and right on time. You can trust PolyTech to manufacture top-of-the-line PVC vinyl, frames and sashees – reinforced with galvanized steel. Our frame and sash corners are mitre cut and fusion welded to provide superior strength.

Custom-manufactured windows & doors to meet the contractor's exact requirements.

PolyTech windows combine contemporary beauty with easy operation, low maintenance and excellent ventilation.

PolyTech’s unique multi-point locking system ensures that the units are pulled tight to give maximum protection from water, air and noise infiltration. PolyTech offers you various options such as (Low E, Argon Gas), Triple Glazing, Grillwork, Vinyl Interior Trim and exterior Brickmold c/w built in J Channel



Warranty & Maintenance





Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality for your home with PolyTech's comprehensive resource page. From detailed brochures on our windows and doors to easy-to-follow installation PDFs and insightful videos, everything you need to transform your space is just a click away.


PolyTech Shape and Design ensures every custom-manufactured window not only fits perfectly but also meets the highest standards of beauty and precision, offering endless design possibilities to enhance your home or business.

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