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Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality for your home with PolyTech’s comprehensive resource page. From detailed brochures on our windows and doors to easy-to-follow installation PDFs and insightful videos, everything you need to transform your space is just a click away.

Windows Brochures

Design Features

Tilt-and-Turn System

The Tilt-and-Turn style of windows open in at the top for ventilation (tilt), and also open at the side like a door (turn), for maximum cleaning, ventilation, or in case of fire, quick and easy escape exit (egress).

All these operations are performed by one handle for your complete convenience.

Polytech Vinyl Window Designs
  1. Heavy 3ml vinyl frame and sash to provide long-lasting and maintenance-free window. Frame is 4 inches wide for added strength and durability.
  2. Galvanized steel reinforcements in sash and frame in most window sizes to provide optimum strength.
  3. Dual bubble-type rubber weather sealing for complete air and water tightness.
  4. Vinyl water nosing to deflect water over frame when window is in tilt position.
  5. Standard 4ml double-glazed glass with 16ml (5/8″) air space. (Low E, argon gas, decorative glass available on request).
  6. Snap-in vinyl glass stop with rubber seal makes for easy glass replacement.
  7. Comes complete with nailing flange for easy and secure installation.
  8. Interior vinyl trim available for new or replacement.
  9. Fusion-welded sash and frame corners to provide strength and prevent water leakage.
  10. Drain Cap Cover.
Polytech Shape and Design

Each Polytech window is custom manufactured, so it fits right the first time. Every window is designed to meet our incredibly strict requirements before bearing the PolyTech name. Our millwork is constantly checked for craftmanship as precise as .005 of an inch. PolyTech goes to painstaking lengths to craft handsome windows that enhance the look and comfort of your Home or Business.

Because each window is constructed to meet your personal requirements, your design options are endless. Whether you’re replacing a simple window or designing a complex arrangement, you need the right building blocks. PolyTech offers you many options. You can create unlimited combinations, thanks to our flexibility in both sizes and modifications.

Egress Windows

Egress | é gres | noun
the action of going out of or leaving a place: direct means of access and egress for passengers.* a way out: a narrow egress.

  • Designed for safety, providing accessible escape routes in emergencies
  • Must meet specific size requirements set by building codes
  • Enhance natural light and ventilation in living spaces
  • Equipped with easy-to-operate opening mechanisms for quick and effortless use

Polytech’s windows offer unparalleled convenience, controlled by a single handle that operates various functions:

  • Handle Pointing Downward: Secures the window firmly for enhanced security.
  • Handle Across the Glass: Facilitates swift and easy exit during fire emergencies and simplifies interior glass cleaning.
  • Handle Pointing Upwards: Allows adjustable ventilation control with minimum and maximum positions while ensuring the window remains securely locked at the bottom.
  • The top portion tilts inward at the top for ventilation without compromising security.
  • Minimum ventilation provides moderate airflow, while maximum ventilation allows for full air exchange.

Brickmold options

  • brickmold is an integrated part of the frame on Polytech Windows and Doors
  • 1.5” brickmold is offered with cut out J channel if required (not cut out by Polytech)
  • Brickmold will have nail flange attached for installation –(if renovating and you do not need the nail fin it can be scribed off on site (not removed  by Polytech)


  • Installation clips are provided but not installed on Windows and Doors for extra strength during installation
  • self tapping screws are provided with the metal bracket to attach bracket to window or door-along the side of the frame in the grove only not on the flat frame


J-Channel Cutout: A cutout J is precisely what it sounds like – a section that is cut away or removed from the Brickmold to allow for siding to have a visually appealing finish.
  • For new Builds or Renovations—the hidden J channel can be scribed/cut out to receive your siding. (not cut out by Polytech)
  • ¾ ½ Return is an option for trimming up on the inside of the window or door with a wood or drywall finish
  • it will come separately with the Window or Door (not installed by Polytech Products.)

    Warranty & Maintenance

    Installation Instructions

    Lock & Key Cylinders for Inswing Garden Doors

    With our Lock & Key Garden Door system, the design incorporates an outside handle for easy access even when the door is locked or latched from the inside. The handles on our European Doors serve a dual purpose, acting as the control for the multi-locking system that ensures weather tightness when the handle is in the downward position. A simple turn of the Cylinder, rotating it 2.5 times, securely locks the handle in the downward position, requiring the key for entry through the door.

    To unlock the door from the inside and release the multi-locking system, a similar 2.5 rotations are required, allowing the handle to release and be brought across the glass to effortlessly open and close the door. For those seeking a sleeker option, low-profile handles are also available.

    Brickmold Installation Tips

    Custom Brickmold windows are tailored to match your exact exterior measurements. Remember to verify interior frame measurements before ordering. The nail flange can be removed for renovation, with installation clips provided. The built-in J channel offers flexibility for renovation projects. Available sizes include White (1.5″ and 1″) and Dark Exterior (1″).

    Nail Flange

    Nail Flange-is separate from the window-

    1. Will be cut for the sides/top and bottom-and you would install it manually
    2. And seal it off on the outside for weather tightness

    Screen Installation

    Ensure the screen is properly aligned and securely fastened before completing the installation process.

    Handle Installation

    1. Gently pull the cap out slightly to reveal the screws.
    2. Insert the handle into the pre-drilled holes in the sash, ensuring it points towards the bottom of the window.
    3. Pull gently on the nameplate located on the handle and rotate it to one side. This action reveals the two screw holes for the handle.
    4. Insert the top screw and tighten it securely.
    5. Rotate the handle 90 degrees and proceed to install the lower screw.
    6. Return the nameplate to its original position.



    Sash Removal


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