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European designed Tilt and Turn window technology has been used for many decades. The European Style Tilt and Turn window sash opens in like an in-swing door, therefore a smaller single-lite window will pass N.B.C. Egress standards for bedroom windows for fire escape purposes.

Tilt-and-Turn System

The Tilt-and-Turn style of windows open in at the top for ventilation (tilt), and also open at the side like a door (turn), for maximum cleaning, ventilation, or in case of fire, quick and easy escape exit (egress).

All these operations are performed by one handle for your complete convenience.

Handle Positions

Our windows offer unparalleled convenience with a single handle that controls various operations:

  • Handle Pointing Downward: Locks the security window securely.
  • Handle Across the Glass: Enables a swift and easy exit for fire escapes and facilitates interior glass cleaning.
  • Handle Pointing Upwards: Provides adjustable ventilation control with minimum and maximum positions while keeping the window securely locked at the bottom.
Tilt Feature

Polytech Windows  have 2 Tilt Features – Allowing you to have precise control over airflow.

The top portion tilts inward at the top allowing for air ventilation while not comprising security.
  • Minimum ventilation provides moderate ventilation
  • Maximum Ventilation -allows full air exchange
Turn Feature

Polytech Windows open inward like an inswing door—to allow for easy cleaning for hard to reach windows, no channels,  no notches to collect dirt. Easy to remove and replace screens all done from the inside of your home. And most important provides a fire escape (easy exit) as the entire sash opens in with the turn of a handle -to give you a clear pathway to safety.

Egress Windows

is a window that of a certain size that provides a safe exit from a building in case of emergency.

Polytech Egress Windows gives you a clear Pathway to Safety.

Egress Windows

Ensure peace of mind during emergencies with our Egress Windows. With just one turn of the handle, these windows open inward, providing a safe passage for your loved ones to exit to the outside quickly and securely.

Egress Windows

Polytech windows open inward, eliminating concerns about snow or debris obstructing access from the outside, unlike windows that open outward which may face such challenges.


Polytech specializes in manufacturing egress windows that meet the smallest size requirements set by the NBC (National Building Code). We offer both standard and custom sizes to suit your specific needs.

European Design Windows

European Designed Tilt-and-Turn Window Technology has been widely used for many decades. This unique design allows you to tilt the window in from the top, eliminating direct drafts at lower levels and providing you with a comfortable exchange of air. The stale warm air exits at the top and the cooler fresh air enters around the sides. The inward turn function of the window allows for easy cleaning or fire exit.

European Design Windows

The tilt-in feature is ideal for achieving a more natural ventilation, effectively removing stale air and odors for a fresher indoor environment.

European Design Windows

These windows are not just functional but also a work of art, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project they are a part of.


– Brickmold
– 3/4 return
– Specialty glass
– Custom sizes
– Grill work
– Triple glaze glass

Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet the standards of NAFS in accordance with AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-NAFS, ensuring they achieve an A3 rating for airtightness and delivering unparalleled performance in sealing and durability against the elements.



Warranty & Maintenance





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PolyTech Shape and Design ensures every custom-manufactured window not only fits perfectly but also meets the highest standards of beauty and precision, offering endless design possibilities to enhance your home or business.

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